Our Mission is to democratise the access to high returns in esports.

On the other hand, through building data driven companies, we help brands optimise the Lifetime Value (LTV) of fans and influencers in Esports.

As A Service Provider
Company Builder
Projects Incubator
Our Ecosystem

CRAFTING an Esports ecosystem

We spot the best ventures in esports through our unique hands on approach. We identify gaps in the value chain and incubate projects and ventures through our venture corporation. This ecosystem is served to our partners and the industry.

At the same time, we develop inhouse technology for our state of the art esports services and products.
B2B Solutions

achieving higher roi in esports

The uniqueness of our approach lays in a 4T layers value chain – different companies that are complementary to each other – from Media/Sales planning, through lead generation, data analysis up to traction and content delivery.
Our Vision


By building ecosystems through owned and operated companies and strategic investments, we offer end-to-end B2B solutions to those who want to enter the industry.

By using our own technology and industry expertise we continue to innovate, develop and deliver high quality experiences tailored towards the growing demands of digital natives and Gen Z consumers.

Our solutions allow partners to focus on their business objectives while we enable them to champion esports.
What is our Money Flow Matrix?

Monetisation through shared services.

Esports Investment Group is a a data driven infrastructure, keeping share of the revenue generated by shared services to its clients. On the other hand, as a market maker, we understand the importance of paying back to various market participants.
Portfolio Companies


Esports Trends And Projects Evaluation
A cloud-based company providing ready-to-go tournament platforms
Esports Trends And Projects Evaluation
A cloud-based company providing ready-to-go tournament platforms
Portfolio Companies

Building The New Minicorns & Soonicorns in Esports.


A cloud-based company providing ready-to-go tournament platforms.
What we do for our investors?

We build and scale esports ventures.

We create value through our unique approach to spotting the best ventures in esports, providing them with all needed for their rapid growth.
The Team


Supervisory Board